"What Must I DO To Be Saved"

Acts 16:30


     Drawing of your heart by the Holy Spirit

          Humble your heart as a little child


                    God's forgivness

                         God's gift of Salvation


The Holy Spirit uses the gospel of Christ to bring deep conviction upon your soul. You experience the terrible feeling of being separated from God. Some people say conviction is the worst feeling they have ever experienced. Someone once said, "the pains of hell got hold upon my soul." Conviction is the state of being lost; without God; separated from God; undone; without hope. It is a suffocating, sin-sick feeling. Whenever the Holy Spirit brings conviction upon your heart (makes you know in your heart that you are a sinner) you should seek God for Salvation.


After the deep convicting power of the gospel of Christ is felt, the Holy Spirit draws you heart to God our Father. Without conviction, and without God's drawing power, you cannot be saved. You cannot make yourself be saved. Only God can do this. You must completely submit yourself to God and allow him to do all the work. No human can interfere; this experience is between you and God. Only God knows your heart.


Once you have sufferd the pains of conviction and you feel God drawing your heart, you must humble yourself as a little child. Little children are humble. They are dependent upon others to teach them what is right and wrong. You must depend upon God to teach you and change you. Only when you realize that you can do nothing for God, will you become truly humble. Upon humbling your heart, you must REPENT of your sins and your sin of unbelief.


There can be no Salvation without true repentance. God looks upon your heart (soul). He expects a complete unreserved trust in him. First you must REPENT (regret with great godly sorrow, to be sorry to God with much hurt inside; to ask for forgiveness); trust in the Lord with all of your heart, mind and soul.


When you have truly repented to God, He will forgive you of all your sins. You can only truly repent of you are humble and sincere. God is a merciful God. He said He will cast our sins into the sea of forgetfulness. Jesus made this forgiveness possible by dying on the cross for our sins. Through the blood of Christ, we are forgiven.


God is truly a rewarder of those who diligently seek him. God grants His gift of Salvation to those who have truly repented. When He grants His gift of Salvation, you will truly feel a salvation experience. He replaces a heart of stone with a heart of love, joy, and peace. These feelings are truly heart-felt! The Holy Spirit will reveal it to you if you have been saved. The gift of Salvation is given by God, and God alone. No one can tell you that you are saved. It is an experience between you and God. He is the only one who knows your heart. There is a witness (proof); God's Spirit bears witness with our spirit when we are His children. His Spirit will let your spirit know if you are saved. God is all-powerful and all-knowing. He doesn't rely on someone else to tell you when you have been saved-- He does it himself. Salvation is God's gift through Christ to save our souls. It is a gift that we do not deserve, and we can do nothing to earn it.


When God has granted you the wonderful gift of Salvation, you will experience a conflict of two natures. Your outward being of flesh is your natural and carnal nature. It remains the carnal nature with its inclination (temptation) to sin. The Bible repeatedly warns us to resist the devil and his sinful influences. God's chastisement (punishment) awaits His children who give in to the desires of the flesh; but such chastisement is an expression of His love. He wants us to produce fruits of righteousness, but we cannot produce such fruit when we are in sin.

When you are saved, your inward spiritual nature becomes opposed to your carnal nature. This opposition or conflict, does not exist prior to salvation. Because before you get saved, your two natures are harmonious. Prior to salvation your heart (soul) is not pure. When God saves us, He changes our heart (soul) and seals it. Our heart cannot change back to its old ways, but our flesh can. This is what causes conflict between our natures. However, we cannont sin when we are living in God's Spirit. The scriptures advise us to walk in the Spirit so that we will not fulfill the lusts of our flesh.


We are not saved by our works of righteousness, but according to God's mercy. When He saves us, God keeps our Salvation. We are not in charge of it. Therefore, once we have passed all of God's requirements (not man's), we cannot lose our Salvation. His Spirit is with us forever. When we are saved, we are given eternal life. God paid the price for our sins through His son. He convicts us, saves us and keeps us by His power. Salvation changes people. Remember -- hearts of stone become hearts of love, joy, and peace. Love, joy and peace will make you feel different; new. These are fruits of the Spirit. You actually change inside (your soul) when you are saved.


God's Spirit brings life. He rescues us from the death of sin and breaths new life into us. God intended for us to have a full life. His Salvation provides us with that opportunity. The scriptures tell us that we truly do not live until we are saved. (John 10:10) In fact, the Bible says we are dead in sins when we are lost sinners. (James 2:26, Ephesians 2:1-5)


The Bible speaks emphatically against the deceivers working in the world who deceive people straight into hell. There are deceivers who say that you can get saved simply by saying a sinner's prayer, or by shaking the preacher's hand. Others tell you to "accept the Lord". BEWARE! Read what the scriptures say on this subject. The idea that we accept Jesus into our hearts is wrong! This would put us above Him if it were true. What can a beggar give a King? We must humbly ask Him into our heart when the Holy Spirit leads us. We cannot "make a decision" to become Christian. Salvation is not a mental process, it is a heart-felt change that begins and ends with theLord. These differences may sound like splitting hairs at first, but when you study the scriptures you will find that there is a vast difference between what the Lord taught when He was here on earth and what a lot of people are teaching today. Let the Lord witness His truth to your heart.

Remember, no one knows your heart but God. No one else has any authority over, through, or by God to tell you that you are saved. No one else even has the right to tell you how to be saved unless they simply tell you to seek the Lord. Others can pray with your for for you; but they cannot tell you how long to pray, what to pray, or if you have prayed enough. God will let you know when you have satisfied Him. It is between you and God only.

The Bible is the greatest book ever written. It has an entire library of books between it's covers. In it, God himself speaks and the Spirit witnesses to you. The Bible was given to us through divine inspiration by God--not by the will of man. It is God's love letter to us as His children. In it, you can find out how to conduct yourself (how to talk, act, and dress), and how to live your life. Some parts of the Bible are very difficult to understand, especially for someone who is not saved, but it is very important for all of us to read and study the Bible. It expains how God created the world, and what it will be like in the last days before He destorys the world. Regardless of who you are, reading and studying the Bible can help you grow.

Note: Due to the lack of space, and the vastness of the subject matter, not all of the appropriate verses could be quoted. Please read the suggested chapters from the Bible. You will find that everything in this statement is supported by biblical scripture. We pray that you have read this with an open mind and heart and that you will find God as your Lord and Savior. May God bless you.


                                                                                                                     Written by Laura Hackett-Gregory

                                                                                      © Copyright 1992 Grace Old Time Missionary Baptist Church, California

                                                                                                                             Used with permission